About Gregg Filler & Sangha Taranga

Gregg Filler: Kirtan Composer, Vocalist, and Instrumentalist

Gregg Filler

Living in Los Angeles, California, Gregg Filler has led kirtan, traditional East Indian call-and-response chanting, for over 20 years. His music is infused with divine power and love, drawing from the grace and his longtime practice of an authentic Indian spiritual path. Gregg has written dozens of original chants, which he delivers with a lyrical voice and refined harmonium touch. His chants, influenced by classical Indian ragas (melodic scales), evoke a wide range of inner states: joyful, sweet, haunting, yearning.

Gregg has performed several years at Bhakti Fest and Shakti Fest. In addition to leading Sangha Taranga, Gregg is also member of the Bay Area qawwali/reggae-influenced kirtan group, Ananda Rasa Kirtan. He has performed with Prajna Vieira & Mukti, and Bhakti Heart Kirtan. He also sings and plays guitar and harmonium solo for yoga classes.

Gregg has a B.A. and M.A. in Musical Composition from UC Berkeley, and sings and plays several instruments, including harmonium, guitar, cymbals, and pakhawaj (Indian drum).

Sangha Taranga

Sangha Taranga can be translated as the vibrations or waves that the community or family make together. This is the intention of all Sangha Taranga events: to experience our unified Divine vibration through our chanting together.

About Kirtan Chanting

Kirtan is a beautiful form of group worship of the Divine, where we sing traditional Indian names of God to simple melodies. Back and forth, a lead chanter first sings the chant melody and the group repeats the melody. This communal repetition of these powerful names of God draws us naturally to the Divine state within ourselves.


“Sangha Taranga is one of my very favorite kirtan experiences. Gregg’s great gift as a composer, singer, and instrumentalist, his deep spiritual life, and his sweet temperament make his chants inspiring and special.”

-Greg Barnett

“Chanting with Gregg leads me into a gentle, pure, and exquisitely tender inner state. As I sing, I find myself filled with devotion and a graceful simplicity that permeates his music and fills the space. In a world that can seem chaotic and conflict-ridden, Gregg’s music is a sacred sanctuary that helps me quietly remember what I truly long for – the love within my own heart.”

-Shivani Kadakia

“Gregg’s devotion, passion, and practiced musicianship over the years allow him to be both disciplined and spontaneous in his offering of his chants, in all their depth and intricacy. Thus we are swept up in the tide of devotion ourselves and carried to another shore of spiritual experience by Gregg’s sure hand and voice.”

-Mary M

“Gregg is a committed yogi and absolute kirtan lover! His devotion to the path of yoga, beautifully blended with refined musical skill, will infuse anyone’s asana practice with the rasas of the divine names. Your yoga practice will be surely suffused in the bhakti of sound.”

-Damiana Carpizo

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